Allergies Disclaimer: If you have an allergy to any fragrance oil, Nuts,Coconut Oil, or Lip Flavoring Oil please feel free to reach out to me ahead of time before making a purchase.
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V-Day Inspired Lip Glosses

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My Story

My Story

Hi, my name is Tr’eYonna Butler and I Graduated from Berea Mid-Park High School where I decided to go to Polaris Career Center to study for Business class, to obtain a position as an office assistant where I've gotten Certified for Microsoft Word, Word Expert, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and A Business Certificate. However, my original plan at first was to go to college and study to become a Music Producer but then as time went by after I graduated, I just decided to start my own perfumery first and that sometime later on down the line that I'd eventually go back to school to get my bachelor's degree.

My Mission

Candle Care & Tips

Note: Please be aware of that although some Wax Melts may look like food, they are not eligible to be eaten or used on any parts of your body and are to be kept out of reach of All Children and Pets. Here at Blissiana's Exotic Perfumery, we strive to keep our products as natural as possible to minimize issues for chemically sensitive individuals. Each of our Candles, Tea Light Candles, and Wax Melt products are made with 100% Natural Soy Wax and Fragranced Oil ingredients that are safe to use on a daily basis. For any custom-made Fragrance oils and extra decorations requests such as Whipping Topping, Wax Melts being added with your candles, Sprinkles, Flowers, Donut powder etc. There will be no extra Charge Fees towards Your entire purchase order when choosing to create your own custom made bundle boxes. However, some available Premade Candles, Tea Light Candles, Wax Melts and Bundle Box's already have extra decorations on them. So, you don't have to worry about clicking on any extra request's options shown down on the product page. If you have any questions and/or concerns about a specific type of Fragrance oil and Decoration that you would like me to add to your purchase order you may also leave an order comment shown down below in the payment processing screen. Candles burned too soon after they're poured may smell good, but typically don't respond accurately to the wick size. Curing your candles is important because the fragrance oil needs to spread out evenly into the wax in order for all of your products to have the best scent throw possible. However though depending on the type of wax that is being used some candles will have to cure for a shorter amount of time while others will have to cure longer and due to the Wax that I use for my products, all Tea Light Candles, and Candles will have to cure for at least 14days. For the Wax Melts it will take 5-7 days to cure. If you happen to notice that your products begin to frost. this means that the wax is trying to return back to its natural form and as a result it will begin to crystalize. Make sure to trim your candles 1/4 inch before lighting them otherwise your candles could risk tunneling. This happens when the wick is too long, and the flame gets too hot. Which means if your candle doesn't burn to the edges, then the next time you burn your candle it won't burn evenly. For candles with two or more wicks, for every burn both wicks will need to be lit. Because burning one wick at a time will not maintain the life of the candle but can also lead to the wicks drowning or cause uneven melting pools. Burning your candles for more than 4 hours at a time, can cause carbon to form on the wick, which can either cause the wick of your candle to become unstable while risking the flame of the candle to get too large, cause the candles to smoke, or a risk of black smoke to be released into the air and around your candles jar. Make sure to extinguish your Candles before moving them and don't let anything fall into the hot wax. Also be sure to extinguish your candles before you leave a room, and never go to sleep with a candle still burning. Never leave an electric Wax Melter unattended while in use. Make sure to remove all packaging before use and check your burner for any cracks or damage. keep your Wax Melter out of reach of Children and Pets. Never Leave your Wax Melter on overnight while unattended because it can cause a fire, the container to overheat, and the fragrance oils in the wax melts to release toxic fumes. For any questions and/ or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (216) 302-8178, Facebook messenger, and you can also contact me on Instagram at _blissiana_ Thank you for choosing to shop with Bliss and have a great day.

Shipping Info

Payment, shipping, and returns
We ship to The United States,Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Mexico Each order is packed with love & care, so please allow at least 1-3 business days for your order to be processed, packaged , and delivered. We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Note that all prices on our site are listed in USD. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase order, please feel free to contact me and I'll discuss the Return, Refund and Exchange Policy with you, or you can also check out the Returns Policy located at the top of our home page.

Fragrance Oils List

Down below are a couple different varieties of Fragrance Oil categories for custom made Scent Combinations and Extra Decorations requests. Extra Decorations Donut Powder Orange Sprinkles Original Sprinkles Blue Sand Sugar Pink Sand Sugar Yellow Sand Sugar Grey Sand Sugar Whipping Topping Wax Melts
Online Exclusive: Margarita Flash Point: 165 F Jamaica Me Crazy Flash Point: 158 F Black Cherry Merlot Flash Point: 203 F Whiskey Flash Point: 192 F Caramel Apple Flash Point: 185 F Red Sangria Flash Point: 189 F Peach Nectar Flash Point: 190 F Passionfruit Pineapple Flash Point:144 F Limoncello Creme Flash Point: 196 F Lemon Pound Cake Flash Point: 196 F Mimosa & Mandrin Flash Point: 183 F Matcha & Bergamot Flash Point: 192 F Butterscotch & Bourbon Flash Point: 172 F Fruity: Apples and Maple Bourbon Flash Point: 160 F Strawberry Guava Flash Point: 162 F Watermelon Flash Point: 144 F Pomegranate Cider Flash Point: 199 F Brandied Pear Flash Point: 162 F Peach Mango Bellini Flash Point: 205 F Apple Flash Point: 185 F Grape Flash Point: 185 F Pineapple Flash Point: 185 F Coconut & vanilla Flash Point: 185 F Mango Flash Point: 185 F Grapefruit Flash Point: 185 F Apple Fresh Flash Point: 185 F Feminine: Pink Sugar Crystals Flash Point: 188 F Rose Petals Flash Point: 214 F Rose Petal Gelato Flash Point: 208 F Peppermint & Eucalyptus Flash Point: 198 F Vanilla Flash Point: 185 F Moroccan Cashmere Flash Point: 216 F Black Violet & Saffron Flash Point: 225 F Sundrenched Blossom Floral: Cucumber Melon Flash Point: 175 F Sandalwood Rose Flash Point: 192 F White Tea Flash Point: 212 F English Garden Flash Point: 198 F White Sage & Lavender Flash Point: Patchouli Flash Point: 225 F Oatmeal Mlik & Honey Flash Point: 200 F Warm Vanilla Sugar Flash Point: 200 F Ginger Flash Point: 185 F Citronella Flash Point: 192 F Lavender Embers Flash Point: 196 F Amethyst Aura Desert: Vanilla Eggnog Flash Point: 189 F Caramel Popcorn Flash Point:198 F Pumpkin Souffle Flash Point: 192 F Blueberry Cheesecake Flash Point: 212 F Strawberry Cheesecake Flash Point: 154 F Gingerbread Flash Point: 212 F Caramelized Pralines Flash Point: 212 F Brown Sugar & Fig Flash Point: 225 F Creme Brulee Flash Point: 212 F Banana Nut Bread Flash Point:160 F Pumpkin Caramel Crunch Flash Point: 212 F Snickerdoodle Flash Point: 225 F Cake Flash Point: 179 F Cinnamon & Vanilla Flash Point: 217 F Brown Sugar Flash Point: 185 F Butter Pecan Flash Point: 185 F Fudge Brownie Flash Point: 185 F Hot Apple Pie Flash Point: 208 F Coffee: Peppermint Mocha Flash Point: 199 F Hazelnut Coffee Flash Point: 212 F Fresh Coffee Flash Point: 206 F Coffee House Flash Point: 200 F Spice: Strudel & Spice Flash Point: 194 F Toasted Pumpkin Spice Flash Point: 212 F Ginger & Spice Flash Point: 189 F Cinnamon Flash Point: 185 F Harvest Spice Flash Point: 185 F Bergamot Flash Point: 185 F Spiced Berry Flash Point: 185 F Clove Flash Point: 185 F Citrus: White Citrus Flash Point: 185 F Orange Creamsicle & Kaffir Lime Flash Point: 185 F Cypress Flash Point: 185 F Gardenia & Citrus Flash Point: 185 F Lemon & Lavender Flash Point: 185 F Woody: Pine Needles Flash Point: 185 F Benzoin Flash Point: 185 F Sandalwood Flash Point: 185 F Fresh cut Wood Flash Point: 185 F Frankincense Flash Point: 185 F Forest Pine Flash Point: 185 F Masculine: Leather Flash Point: 225 F Tonka & Oud Flash Point: 196 F Vanilla Chestnut Flash Point: 210 F Amber & Driftwood Flash Point: 212 F Hemp Flash Point: 212 F Cedarwood Blanc Flash Point: 190 F Black Coral & Moss Flash Point: 230 F Sugared Chestnut Flash Point: 225 F Nordic Night Flash Point: 175 F Campfire Marshmallow Flash Point: 200 F Golden Santal Flash Point: 223 F Christmas Hearth Flash Point: 205 F Linen Flash Point: 185 F Ocean Flash Point: 185 F Coconut Flash Point: 185 F Vanilla Birch Flash Point: 200 F Fireside Flash Point: 225 F Moon Lake Musk Flash Point: 212 F High Tide Flash Point: 192 F Suede & Smoke Flash Point: 225 F Genuine Leather Flash Point: 200 F Woodland Foliage Flash Point: 200 F

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During after Store Hours, if you have any questions and/or concerns about any order or shipping processing issues I'm always available through email and will be happy to assist you at anytime. Thank you for choosing to shop with Bliss and I hope you have a great day.
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